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Open the app, select the item you wish to share, and look for the device you want to send a file to, which must have receive mode switched on in the app.

This useful solution is also available for Mac and Windows. Feem creates a local Wi-Fi network. Both the iPhone and Android device must install and run Feem for it to work, as well as create a user name. It is also available for Mac and Windows.

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These two apps work together to share. Mac and Windows are also supported. Another good app that lets you share files over a local Wi-Fi hotspot between Android , iOS and other platforms, Zapya is also laden with other handy features such as QR code sharing, a feature that lets you use a remote camera to take images and more. ShareDrop lets you share files between platforms through an AirDrop-like user interface. It is a little compromised in that while file transfers take place locally, they do require an internet connection to work. After that, the app kicks in on your device.

Your data is never actively uploaded to the web unless you wish to use the service to share with a device that is not on your local Wi-Fi network. Send Anywhere is a flexible, simple, and free service that lets you share items using a link by uploading and downloading them, as well as locally between two devices in an AirDrop-like manner, using a 6-digit code to secure the exchange.

8 essential Android to iOS file-transfer tips

Apple has made iCloud Drive a more effective file-sharing service, but for an easier life when working cross-platform, you will probably choose to use Dropbox , Box , OneDrive , or Google Drive. Tip If you have previously transferred files between two handsets, you will not have to tap the "Accept" button on the receiver's device. The transfer will begin automatically after bumping the devices.

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Accessed 20 February Spencer, Spanner. May 5, 8: Thanks, I looked it up andit has bad reviews.

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  • 8 essential Android to iOS file-transfer tips | Computerworld.
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  • Bluetooth File Sharing From an iPhone to an Android?
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Just like the Apple-approved one in the iOS store. But thanks for pointing it out to me, I will make a bookmark. The answers were honest, since it was about non jailbroken.

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Also, I did not ask about jailbroken. I had 4. Dec 13, 1: This lack of Bluetooth file transfer really annoyed me too. My work around has been to just get a DropBox free account. You can add files to your DB folder right on the phone and the drop right into your DB folder on your computer. It's pretty quick too. Only "problem" is your computer needs to be on the net. But it's great because DropBox actually backs up whatever you put in there for 30 days or soemthing too.

So if you delete something, you can restore it for a period of time. I use it for pretty much everything important these days. Here's my DropBox referral link: If you use that link, we both get a mb free space bonus.

Bluetooth File Sharing From an iPhone to an Android |

You get 2gb free space, and a mb bonus for everyone you refer. Mine is up to 8gb now, and pretty handy! The iPhone app is free too. Apr 13, This is actually acting as a protection from piracy. I think this is fairly just. Works great when using a BT headset tho.